Managing different customers, varied orders, multiple sourcing destinations, different deliveries and timelines!

A formidable task?

Not anymore! WFX makes the impossible, possible and the formidable, easy!

WFX understands the complex nature of your business and the different levels or processes it involves, from designing, selling and development of fashion along with its sourcing to delivering to your customers or stores. That customers have to be managed, sales have to be captured and fulfilled with efficient management of inventory.

This entire process used to be challenging but now, WFX makes it simple.
Benefits That ePower Your Business
It streamlines your processes bringing about efficiency in the system.
  • Business Overview - Keep track of profitability style, design, product wise
  • Managing Orders - Order fulfillment, finished goods inventory.
  • PDM Functionality for Design - Create styles, Sample requests or Purchase Orders and transfer online to suppliers. This can also be routed via your regional offices that might oversee production, any agents you work with, or directly to your suppliers.
  • Time & Action (T&A) Calendar - Create the Calendar and attach it with each order that allows merchants to track milestones and key activities of each order. All your offices would also use the same solution over the Internet to manage their work.
  • Supplier Co-ordination - Allow Suppliers to confirm orders, place online approvals, and send ASNs and export documentation including scanning and packing of your goods based on your packing definitions, printing carton labels and price tickets down to the shipment which is delivered to you.
  • Tracking - Allows goods to be tracked and get linked to your inventory.
  • Scan & Pack - Suppliers can scan and pack goods based on your packing definitions and print price tickets, carton labels to ensure accurate packing. Print DC bypass stickers to ship directly to your stores or your customer's stores.
  • Real Time Update - Get Real Time up-to-date information on the status of any order at the 'click of a button'. Status of goods packed per color/ per size.
  • Manage EDI Data - WFX solutions are EDI compatible and can process all EDI data
  • Round the Clock Reporting - Create different sites on the system each representing your various "offices" and manage all your remote offices. You can receive reports- region wise, country wise, division wise right down to individual users.
  • Financial Analysis - Use WFX Financial Accounting to monitor cost through Cost Centers and analyse Profit and Loss of departments,buyers and Orders.
Achieve More, Now!
  • Your salesmen can enter orders online directly into the system and check up-to-date inventory.
  • Create and manage collections and sales prices in multi-currency.
  • Capture style information with ability to transfer style specs online to suppliers
  • Create Purchase Orders and Sample Requests and electronically send to suppliers.
  • Monitor internal activities (approvals etc) and activities of suppliers through Time & Action calendars to track key milestone events and receive alerts if key activities are delayed.
  • Automatically receive invoices, ASNs and other documentation from suppliers.
  • Track supplier performance.
  • Manage Inventory
  • Prioritize order fulfillment.
*The above represents an overview of some functionality of the solution. For more detailed information on how WFX Solutions can ePower your business, Please contact:

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