Domain Knowledge
Only the spoon knows what is stirring in the pot" - Sicilian Proverb
No-one understands your business like we do!
Information technology has become indispensable for the day-to-day operations of the global fashion industry. While there are some IT solutions for fashion companies, the challenge of the moment is to find a solution that caters to your specific business in the fashion value chain and can be cost-effectively tailored to fit your business needs.

WFX's end-to-end software solutions seamlessly integrate your business with different players within your enterprise and your global business partners. WFX solutions are so comprehensive and user-friendly that they guide and complement the functions being carried out at each stage of the business process they support. In any function of your business, be it ordering, sourcing, invoicing, communications, production, tracking, warehousing, sales etc., WFX solutions facilitate the cutting edge to excel, that's why we call it 'Expertedge'.

The entire team at WFX has been handpicked, based on their expertise and hands-on experience in the fashion industry. Our domain knowledge gives not only us, but our partners and clients an advantage because we are always one step ahead. We proactively look for the latest developments and enhancement of systems and processes that can increase the overall efficiency of your business and ePower your enterprise. WFX conducts exhaustive research to include global best practices in our design and implementations for each project.

In short, WFX , with its comprehensive insight and unparallel domain knowledge of the processes and workings of this industry, is the obvious choice for an Enterprise wide business solution.

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