WFX Web ERP II: The Next Generation ERP Solution
Want to optimize the entire supply chain, improve revenues, and increase customer satisfaction?
WFX Web ERP II - a new breed of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which extends beyond a company's internal processes and connects to suppliers and buyers. It maintains the functionality of inward looking core ERP Apparel systems, and allows for features and functionality that can connect your entire value chain.
Features & Functionality of ERP Apparel
  • Specifications Bank - Create an on-line showroom through WFX ERP Apparel software that is virtually a storehouse of information. Get information on style, technical specs, packaging details and buyer and supplier approvals. The latest revisions are always accessible to all. Create online Requests for Quotes on any style and send to a global vendor base. Restricted Login Access to buyers or suppliers allowing them to place orders directly into the system.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) - Link up with the order and instantly create Materials Requirement & Indents, which are transmitted online to the sourcing team. Also link to inventory to check if the specified article already exists. An opportunity for cost saving for manufacturing organizations.
  • PO Repository - Get your sales team to create Purchase Orders against these styles,
    even at the client location on their laptops using the Internet i.e. Create online sales
    orders, Instantly.
  • On-line Pos - Electronic Purchase Orders are transmitted to the suppliers with online confirmations, saving time and delays. List out orders per buyer/per season/ per month/delivery date.
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management - Assess your organization's actual stock situation with erp apparel software based on quantity- and value-based criteria. Analyze warehouse activities, such as the physical flow of materials. Real time status of all materials against any Buyer Order is visible to all, at any location offering complete transparency including materials in transit.
  • Order Fulfillment & Procurement Monitoring - Evaluate and improve order fulfillment using key performance indicators for shipping and order management. Evaluate vendor performance and transaction history for supply chain optimization. Monitor purchasing operations and provide detailed analysis of purchasing activities and procurement processes across offices, locations & vendors which will support your production planning.
  • Production Planning - Create a complete plan for production by allocating orders to factories and lines. Gain control over production through the planning board that allows you to monitor an order's status through the supply chain with drill down to individual processes (cutting, stitching, packing, finishing etc). Identify production bottlenecks and optimize capacities.
  • Production and Import Management - Monitor production of your offshore factories as well as vendors' and get daily updates on production quantities per color/per size. Check actual quantities shipped against orders to identify variance. Receive ASNs, custom documentation as goods are dispatched. Reduce chargeback through scanning of bar codes with accurate packing lists and delivery notes that are printed automatically.
  • Collaborative Time & Action (T & A) Calendars - Monitor and control orders, get Real Time status on any order across global offices to optimize the delivery cycle. Generate escalation based alerts to prompt internal users across offices as well as suppliers to perform on-time.
  • Flexible Reporting - analyze profitability per order/per and drill down to global, region, country, office, supplier and user level.
  • Integrates with WFX Financial Acccounting - Monitor and Control all financial transactions across your company and offices.Analyse cost through Cost Centers and Profit/Loss of your departments,buyers and Orders.Complete financial management and reporting tools ensuring the highest level of business analysis and governance.
WFX Web ERP II is ERP apparel software that can manage a company's entire product lifecycle as well as plan resources effectively and across all offices & locations.

For more detailed information on how WFX Web ERP II (apparel ERP) can ePower your business, Please contact:
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Web ERP II: The Next Generation ERP Solution
erp apparel

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