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World Fashion Exchange (WFX) is a global software organization, catering specifically to the fashion industry. WFX provides customizable web-based software solutions, which completely and efficiently manage the product life cycle.

WFX provides web-based, enterprise wide software solutions, designed for the Fashion Industry - Apparel, Footwear, Home Furnishings etc. WFX provides fashion software solutions for retail, wholesale, import/export, trading and manufacturing businesses to manage their day-to-day processes and functions.

WFX offers its customers and partners, reliability, experience, security, in-depth knowledge and unmatched domain knowledge of the fashion industry through its apparel software management solutions.

WFX Clients include Brands, Retailers, Wholesalers, Buying Agents, Apparel manufacturers and Exporters.
To be the leading integrated software solutions provider for fashion, with a dominant presence in the apparel industry.
Mission Statement
To strive towards total customer satisfaction by empowering customers with easy-to-use software solutions that reduces their business costs and increase profitability.
WFX Solutions
WFX solutions create a global environment of 'Total Collaboration' between its users and their business partners. It is totally customizable, easy-to-use and designed to easily integrate with existing systems.

WFX solutions are developed on industrial strength and proven best-of-breed Internet technologies, enabling WFX clients to collaborate with their business partners in real-time. It consists of modules that can be implemented independently, at the same time, are fully integrated to effectively manage all areas - from product development to sales and from sourcing to production.

After conducting business diagnostics, WFX offers its clients customized Product Lifecycle Management - PLM, Product Data Management - PDM, Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP II, Supply Chain Management - SCM or WFX Partner solutions which enable them to work in a collaborative environment within their organization as well as with their business partners.

Fashion businesses worldwide use WFX apparel software management products for business management and planning activities. As fashion design software has only limited functionality of creating product designs, a more comprehensive solution is required to manage all the business activities as the product goes into development, sampling, ordering etc. stages.

Fashion companies use fashion design software and apparel design software to create design sketches but rarely have effective apparel software management tools for complete Product data management and related activities to manage the entire product lifecycle.

WFX offers the most comprehensive software solutions for the Fashion Industry - Apparel, Footwear, Furnishings etc., allowing for the efficient exchange of information, business transactions and services among global business partners via the Internet.

Among the first few companies employ Microsoft.NET Technologies, WFX's web-based applications can be accessed anytime from anywhere, using the Internet. Its collaborative business flow across multiple organizations makes it a powerful tool for any global fashion company.

WFX Web Product Data Management - PDM, Web Product Lifecycle Management - PLM, Web Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP II, Web Supply Chain Management - SCM and Web EDI solutions are used by brands, retailers, suppliers and agents all over the world, ePowering users in many organizations by giving them smarter software solutions and better business control.

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