World Fashion Exchange (WFX) Web PDM
Complete, easy-to-use Web Product Data Management (PDM) solution to shorten the development cycle and reduce development costs of apparel and fashion companies. The WFX web based PDM solution for fashion/ apparel companies can extend to suppliers and buyers for integrated functionailty.

Multi-location offices abroad, suppliers and production sites can retrieve real-time product specifications ( fashion design specs ) through an intranet, extranet or a secure internet site.

Web PDM assures 100% up-to-date information, so last minute changes on components and consumption are available on-line to any user or vendor.

Web PDM manages product and technical specifications to detailed pre-costing throughout the supply chain, particularly in pre-production.

Features & Functionality of WFX Web PDM in Fashion/ Apparel Industry
  • All Style Details - Fashion design specs, size specifications, wash care labels, complete costing (sample and final), label descriptions, color combinations, construction details, measurement charts, packing information and technical descriptions.
  • Fabric & Trim Library - Manage all fabrics & trims.
  • Style Versioning - Maintain and keep versions of styles!
  • Change Log - Track all changes to the design and view log to drill down to see who made the changes and when!
  • Detailed BOM - Complete Bill of Materials including fabric, trims, labels, linings etc. (ability to cost differently for each component where size, color etc., vary) Ability to revise BOM as and when required.
  • Costing - Maintain complete costing for the style including all indirect costs! Keep versions of costings!
  • Online Product Specs - Share you Product specifications on-line with all vendors.
  • Collaborative Time & Action Calendar - Schedule, Monitor and track all design and development activities and control progress of all new styles and prototypes.
  • Integrates with WFX Financial Acccounting - Monitor and Control all financial transactions across your company and offices.Analyse cost through Cost Centers and Profit/Loss of your departments,buyers and Orders.Complete financial management and reporting tools ensuring the highest level of business analysis and governance.

WFX web apparel PDM/ fashion PDM is used by fashion businesses worldwide to mange their style information securely and effectively, across their offices, and for collaboration with their suppliers.

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